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Beauty (StarKid.png
Written By Darren Criss
Sung By Brant Cox (Roach)
Chorus of Bugs
Musical Starship
Act 2 Part 5
Time 3:16

"Beauty" is a song from Starship.

[edit] Background

In "Beauty", Bug brings the science officer February down to Bug World to show her how great bugs can be, much opposed to her beliefs! Roach and a group of bugs then spot the couple inspecting some of the landscape, and they decide that this hoo-man doesn't have to understand what they're saying to realize the true beauty of the planet! Roach then leads many bugs from the planet into song to demonstrate Bug World's beauty. Bugette also pitches in, although not wanting to help that "skinny bitch," as well as Mister Bug, who gives Bug a few tips on his first date with a human.

[edit] Lyrics

Look how the silkworms sway in the wind,
weaving their silk
Regardless of what you've done,
or where you've been,
They'll give you

See how the fireflies dance through the flowers,
a brilliant ballet at twenty-five miles an hour
There's no admission to this vision of

And it might be slightly different from things that you may know,
But you can't deny there's something special
when you see the night sky glow

So look out!
It's around every corner
There's something magical in the air
Don't hide from your eyes or ignore
There is beauty, beauty everywhere

[ dialogue ]

Check out the bees, they don't buzz around for money
They do it for free,
makin' love, makin' honey
Spreading pollen, how can you not fall in love?

It might make you sneeze,
but you better believe it's beautiful stuff

Then there's the wonder of the caterpillar,
the best show in town, the ending is killer

There's a larval, real-life marvel to be found
It might sound cutesy, but there is beauty all around

And it doesn't matter
if you've got 12 eyes or you've got two
Because nothing needs any more than one
to take in the view

[ dialogue ]

If you're preoccupied with what's on the outside,
you'll get lost in the how it can seem

But open your eyes and you'll be surprised,
to find out how much more something different can mean

Chorus of Bugs:
We don't got any kind of worry,
our way of life is laissez-fair
No wealth, no poor, no hypocrisy
Just beauty, beauty everywhere

So look out!
It's all around, kinda weird,
but that's neither here nor there

You can face it, embrace it,
no need to fear the beauty,
beauty everywhere

Beauty everywhere,
beauty everywhere!

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