"Beauty (Reprise)"

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"Beauty (Reprise)"
Beauty Reprise (StarKid).png
Written By Darren Criss
Sung By Ensemble
Musical Starship
Act 2 Part 10
Time 0:58

"Beauty (Reprise)" is a song from Starship.

[edit] Background

In "Beauty (Reprise)", the Starship Rangers are joined together with the bugs of Bug World with a truce, admitting that there are differences between all each other. With Tootsie and Megagirl wedded, February and Bug together, and the bug and human race kept in peace, all is great! This song then draws the musical to an end.

[edit] Lyrics

We might be slightly different
from the things that you may know

But you can't deny the similarities
that we all have below!

So look out! It's around every corner,
there's something magical in the air

Don't hide! From your eyes or ignore
there is beauty, beauty everywhere

[ dialogue ]

If you're preoccupied with what's on the outside,
you'll get lost in the how it can seem
But open you're eyes and you'll be surprised,
to find out how much more something different can mean!

So look out! It's all around,
Kind of weird, but that's neither here nor there.

You can face it, embrace it,
No need to fear the beauty, beauty everywhere,
beauty everywhere,

Beauty every—where!

[edit] Trivia

  • "Beauty (Reprise)" is not included on the Starship album.
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