"Caught In the Lie"

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"Caught In the Lie"
Written By Darren Criss
Performers Michelle Chamuel (lead vocals)
Mark Swiderski (drums, guitar, back-up vocals)
Megan Savitt (back-up vocals)
Musical Little White Lie
Opening Song (every episode)
Time 0:33

"Caught In the Lie" is a song from Little White Lie.

[edit] Background

"Caught In the Lie" is the opening song of Little White Lie, sung by Michelle Chamuel, with Mark Swiderski on drums, guitar, and back-up vocals and Megan Savitt on back-up vocals, as well.

[edit] Lyrics

We've been playing all of our lives
in a world of little white lies,
and if we wanna make it then
we're gonna have to fake it,
And no-one's gonna realize

We've got nothing but the songs we sing,
though we know what's happening
We might be the next big thing

And I wish we could escape it
but let's face it,
now we're caught in the lie

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