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Written By Darren Criss
Sung By Joey Richter (Bug)
Musical Starship
Act 1 Part 6
Time 2:06

"Life" is a song from Starship.

[edit] Background

"Life" is sung by Bug, who has just received his job as an egg-planter for the Hive, but feels trapped inside a world he simply wants to escape.

[edit] Lyrics

It's a big, big universe,
so many dimensions and unanswered questions
Not to mention,

What an invention,

There's no choice involved in what you are given:
one mind, one voice, one body to live in


It's a short, small thing we lead,
with so much potential,
pointless or essential
Which one can I be?

Where do I fit?
Where do I stand?
Who are they to say what I am?
And how can I stay inside this awful world I know?

I need a way out,
I need an escape
I'd rather be dead than to live in this place
I wish that something or someone could just take it all away
Someone take me away

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