A Very Potter Musical

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A Very Potter Musical
Released 2009
Written By Brian Holden
Matt Lang
Nick Lang
Directed By Matt Lang
Nick Lang
Starring Darren Criss
Joey Richter
Bonnie Gruesen
Lauren Lopez
Jaime Lyn Beatty
Joe Walker
Brian Rosenthal
Dylan Saunders
Joe Moses
Jim Povolo
Julia Albain
Lily Marks
Britney Coleman
Sango Tajima
Devin Lytle
Music By Darren Criss
A.J. Holmes
Proceeded By Little White Lie
Succeeded By Me and My Dick

A Very Potter Musical is a parody musical by StarKid, released in early 2009.


[edit] Background

A Very Potter Musical is a fan-based YouTube production, split into two acts with many parts in it. It is the story of Harry Potter (Darren Criss), Ron Weasley (Joey Richter) and Hermione Granger (Bonnie Gruesen) at Hogwarts in their second year there, which excerpts have been taken from their real second, fourth, and seventh years to show the funnier of the things that happened in the real story, and make up a lot too, in order to get laughs from their live audience and you at home on your computer.

[edit] Plot

Harry is going back for his second year at his favourite place. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry but he and his friends don't know what they have gotten themselves into by going back.

[edit] Cast & Characters

Actor/Actress Character(s)

[edit] Songs

  1. "Get Back to Hogwarts"
  2. "Different As Can Be"
  3. "Ginny"
  4. "Harry"
  5. "Different As Can Be (Reprise)"
  6. "Hey Dragon"
  7. "Cho Chang"
  8. "Granger Danger"
  9. "To Dance Again"
  10. "Missing You"
  11. "Not Alone"
  12. "Voldemort is Going Down"
  13. "Not Alone (Reprise) & Goin' Back to Hogwarts"
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