Darren Criss

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Darren Everett Criss
Gender Male
Age 24
Birthday February 5th, 1987
Occupation Actor

Darren Criss is a member of Team StarKid.

[edit] Background

Darren Everett Criss is one of the original members of StarKid. He is twenty-four-years-old and born on February 5th, 1987. His main job is acting, but also writes his own original songs including "Human," "Sophomore," and "Don't You" and frequently performs at night clubs. He portrays Blaine Anderson on Glee and has been incorporated in all five StarKid Productions.

Darren, although currently busy with his role on Glee, has contributed plenty of material to StarKid. He has written music for A Very Potter Musical, Me and My Dick, A Very Potter Sequel, and Starship, and was the music producer for Little White Lie.

He has played Harry Potter in A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel as well as Toby Phillips in Little White Lie, but as mentioned earlier, has contributed at least one thing to each of the productions.

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