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Julia Marie Albain was born in Cincinnati, Ohio on December 23, 1987. She has been involved with 3/5 of the Starkid Productions. She's played Vincent Crabbe in A Very Potter Musical, Vincent Crabbe, Percy Weasley, and Candy Lady in A Very Potter Sequel, and most recently Specs in Starship. She was Production Assistant for Starship. She graduated the University of Michigan in 2009. She directed two plays (that we know of) there called the Last Days of Judas Iscariot and Summertime. In 2011, she published a book called A Glamorously Unglamorous Life, a nonfiction story of her time in New York after graduating college. It's her journey of self-discovery. Julia says the purpose is discovering the best and worst parts of herself. The cover art of the novel was done by her brother, Mark Albain, and the book was edited by fellow Starkid Lauren Lopez. In 2011, Julia also directed Team Starkid's S.P.A.C.E. tour which covered many cities across the U.S. and a few in Canada. She resides in Chicago, IL where the Team is based.

Julia also has an active blog:

Her book can be bought from:

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