Little White Lie

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Little White Lie
Released 2007
Created & Written By Chris Allen
Eric Kahn Gale
Matt Lang
Nick Lang
Directed By Eric Kahn Gale
Nick Lang (1st Asst. Director)
Brian Holden (2nd Asst. Director)
Produced By Chris Allen
Eric Kahn Gale
Brian Holden
Matt Lang
Nick Lang
Cinematography By Matt Lang
Forest Casey
Starring Elona Finlay
Chris Allen
Darren Criss
Lauren Lopez
Nick Lang
Brian Holden
Jim Povolo
Malcolm Tulip
Music By Mark Swiderski
Darren Criss
Grant Anderson
Proceeded By N/A
Succeeded By A Very Potter Musical

Little White Lie is an original mini TV series by StarKid, released in 2007, premiered on YouTube in 2009.


[edit] Background

[edit] Plot

Little White Lie is about Sami and Duder Reese. In their school band's is everything and Sami and Duder are going to play in The Battle of The Band's whit their own band Reese's Pieces. There are just one problem... they suck's! In a try to make their band better they are doing an audition but there are just one guy that is coming: the shy nerd Kevin Bushwald! He tries to play but are to shy and runs out from the audition and out into the street where he get's hit by a car and falls into coma. at the hospital, Kevin's aunt comes and invites them to a meditation session in her house. At the session, Sami and Duder is feeling uncomfortable and starts seeking after a back door to come out. while they are serching for an back door they stumble into Kevin's private "recording studio" and realizes that Kevin actually is good on singing, playing and song writing. Sami tries to convince Duder that they can take the music but Duder disagree. Sami take's the music without Duder's knowing.

[edit] Cast & Characters

Actor/Actress Character(s)

[edit] Songs

  1. "Caught In the Lie"
  2. "(Don't) Play a Riff On My Heartstrings"
  3. "Same Old Situation"
  4. "I Still Think"
  5. "Boy Toy"
  6. "It's Over Now"
  7. "Sami"
  8. "Duder's a Spy"
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