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The Conduit
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Developer High Voltage Software
Publisher Sega
Release Date(s) Jun 23, 2009 [NA]
Platforms Wii
Player(s) 1-12
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The Conduit is a one of a kind game created by High Voltage Software for the Nintendo Wii. It is considered one of the top shooters out for the Wii at the moment (IGN: 8.6/10, A) . The Conduit is set in Washington D.C. as a mysterious alien force, known as The Drudge attacks. Agent Michael Ford, an officer for the secretive force known as The Trust, works under Mr. John Adams to stop the extraterrestrial onslaught. As the game continues you are tasked with facing Puppet Humans, traitorous Trust Guards, and a mysterious ex-Trust member known as Prometheus. These enemies may become even more of a hindrance with technology such as the Conduits which provide a steady stream of Drudge until destroyed and artifacts such as the Pulse Box and advanced AI due to the Quantum3 engine.

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