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The MP5kA4 Sub-Machine Gun

The MP5kA4 is sub machine gun that has 32 rounds per magazine and fires at an extremely quick rate. While holding down the B button, the MP5kA4 will fire a continuous stream of ammunition that is deadly at close ranges. Within a few feet of an enemy, this gun can kill before the magazine ends even if you just shoot at the enemy's body. While this weapon is amazing at close quarters combat, at mid to long ranges it is virtually useless, due to the weapon's massive recoil, which is shown by the way the targetting reticule enlarges while shooting, and this reduces accuracy. However, it is still possible to fire this weapon in controlled bursts to reduce recoil, rather than hold down the B button, but while these bursts somewhat allow for longer range shooting, doing this is still less effective than using another weapon. This is also one of the main weapons you will start with during the single player campaign

The MP5kA4 is found in Human, Close Combat and Chargeable Weapon Sets.

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