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Med-mites are among the mite species of The Drudge and based on their name it can be assumed they will play some sort of healing role amongst the Drudge.

Med-mites are blueish-black along the legs with a white torso area and a red "face" where an arm like part protrudes. In game shots, this arm like protrusion is often seen with a gun.

Med-Mites are equipped with Warp Pistols, and will often attempt to hit you with charge shots, but will typically resort to spamming normal shots if you approach them. They have low health, since they're still mites of course, but they have higher health than all other mite types. This, plus their ability to use a gun, and their more humanoid appearance, can suggest that Med-Mites are the most mature of the mites, and that it could even be possible for a Med-Mite to eventually grow into a Drone. In fact, later on in the game (and this is even more noticeable on higher difficulty settings), Drones will demonstrate the ability to heal themselves without the need of a nearby Med-Mite, and this can further suggest that Med-Mites can grow into Drones.

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