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The Conduit online multiplayer is a completely different experience than the offline campaign mode. Upon first connecting to the Nintendo wifi connection you are taken to the multiplayer menu. From here you have many options ranging from adding friends to customizing your online character. In the online multiplayer there are three different modes to play with a maximum of twelve people per match.

Free for all mode puts you against everyone else in an all out death match to see who can get the most kills.

Team reaper separates the players onto either the red or blue team and you fight alongside your teammates to obtain the most kills.

Team Objective is capture the flag but instead of a flag you compete to capture the opposing teams ASE.

You have three choices on who you will play in your match. In the friends option you can add friends by registering their friend code, check your current friend roster, create private games that only your friends can join, or join a friend in an online public match. You may only join your friend if he/she has already joined a match, and the match is currently not full. The next option in the menu is to join a regional game. Regional games are public matches where you are pitted against other Conduit players in your country. Finally there is Worldwide where you are put against conduit players from anywhere in the world.

Also on the menu are different option to change setting. You can adjust the location of the various HUD windows as well as their transparency. As The Conduit's online multiplayer allows Wii Speak for friends and friends of friends, there is a Wii Speak settings options where you can adjust the sensitivity, volume, echo suppression and more. Also available on the menu is the regular, in game settings that can be accessed online.

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