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The SMAW Rocket Launcher labelled with all of its numerous parts.

The SMAW (Shoulder-Launched Multipurpose Assault Weapon) AKA Rocket Launcher

The rockets are one-hit-kill provided that your rocket lands on your opponent or very close to him. You can carry 1 rocket in your SMAW at a time causing a reload sequence every time you shoot once, you can carry 8 rockets in total. The SMAW is a starting Weapon for The Multiplayer 'Explosive' Weapon set, but can also be picked up throughout the level on the Human Weapon set. Due to its power the reload time is longer than most normal guns and it can only shoot one rocket before reloading so it is very inefficient as far as rapid fire rates go, but the rockets really pack a punch causing a lot of damage and a large blast radius.

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