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SPAS 12 Shotgun

The SPAS12 (Sporting Purpose Automatic Shotgun, 12 gauge) is a weapon from the Human grouping in The Conduit. It is a Semi-Automatic gun that requires a pump between shots to discard the spent shell and chamber the new one. The gun is highly powerful, able to kill targets in two hits or even one, but has extremely poor range. The gun can carry 8 rounds in the magazine and a total of 58 rounds can be held outside of the magazine. Online this gun is a starter weapon for the Near/Far weapon set but can also be found throughout the level in the Human weapon set. The SPAS12 is often thought of as the best close range weapon, due to the immense damage it can deal. However, it deals minimal to no damage at all at farther distances.

The weapon's reload is unique from other weapons, since they reload an entire magazine at once, whereas the SPAS12 loads shots individually. This means you can shoot in the middle of a reloading process, and you can also control how much ammo you reload. It takes a long time to load 8 shots as well.

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