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The Scarabs are the largest known members of The Drudge forces second to Invaders. Based on their size and enhanced armor/weaponry the Scarabs are assumed to be among the Drudge leaders. Scarabs can be easily identified by their larger size, multiple orange spots, and large head spikes, and they are found in a variety of colors like red, blue, and gray.

There are two main types of Scarabs: regular Scarabs, and Storm Scarabs. Upon first encountering a storm scarab, they will be invisible and require you to lock onto them with the All Seeing Eye in order to make them visible. Once their invisibility shield has been removed, the storm scarab become stunned for a few moments allowing you to strike without fear of attack. In combat, the scarab move the fastest of any of the drudge forces and will sprint at you, then attack. Unlike the other members of the drudge, storm scarabs do not use a weapon; instead they use their claws to slash at the player inflicting moderate damage.

Regular Scarabs on the other hand, are always visible, and instead of relying on invisibility, they use Hive Cannons.

Both types of Scarabs have very high health, and can be very difficult to fight sometimes, especially in a small area. Radiation grenades are very useful against both breeds of Scarab.

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