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The Shrieker is a semi-automatic weapon that fires explosive spheres that "shriek" as they fly through the air. The magazine for this weapon contains 9 shots (though only 3 can be fired at a time then you must wait for them to explode) and 36 extra rounds can be carried. The Shrieker is a weapon that Skimmers carry and fires a very unique pattern. By moving your Wii remote in different directions, you are able to control the flight path of the spheres and navigate them behind obstacles of even to the other sides of walls. In multiplayer mode the shrieker can be found in The Drudge and explosive sets, as a "power weapon". It takes three shrieker shots to kill a target. Each shot makes a small explosion on impact, and the damage that the explosion deals is the same as getting hit directly. As the name suggests, the shots that the weapon fires make a shrieking noise the moment that they are shot.

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