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A Strike Rifle

The Strike Rifle is a semi-automatic weapon from the drudge category. It fires fast shots of The Drudge bio-mass, at a fairly fast rate depending on how quickly you press the fire button. In multiplayer, a normal shot to the head takes out 1/3 of a player's health, equal to that of a USP45. However, the movement speed of the normal shots are a bit slower than other weapons, which means less accuracy. You can also charge up the shot to fire a faster and much more powerful shot. When charged, the shot is one hit kill with headshots, and takes out a bit more than half of a target's health with body shots (in multiplayer). The charged shot uses 6 bio-mass bullets to fire. When a charge shot is used to kill an enemy, they desolve into an orange substance. The magazine of the gun can hold 36 shots with 144 reserve. The scoping mechanism on the Strike Rifle modifies the visual organs of whoever using it, making the scope a part of them.

In the campaign, Strike Rifles are used by Drones, the foot-soldiers of the Drudge. The Strike Rifle is a very common weapon because of this.

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