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Alignment Town or other
Phase Day or Night
Type Kill

The Bomb is a player that will kill his killer in retaliation.

As opposed to the Paranoid Gun Owner, who kills anyone who targets him without repercussion, the bomb will only kill his attacker if he is killed; because the bomb's ability is activated by being killed, and not by being targeted, the effect can not stop a player from being killed.

If killed at night, the bomb will kill whichever player's character was at the scene fulfilling the actual kill, removing that player/character form the game. If lynched, the bomb will most often kill the last player to vote for him or her, though a the first, second, third (and etc) player could also be used.

[edit] Example

You are Ned Flanders: Springfield Aligned Conscientious Objector
All this fighting is just plain wrong, so you have to ask yourself – what would Jesus do? Why, he’d keep himself to himself and remain quietly with his family, of course! With God on your side, anybody who is responsible for your death – be it a killer in the night phase or the person who’s final vote results in your lynching in the day phase – will be struck down upon from the heavens with a vengeance, and suffer a very painful demise themselves! You win when all threats to the town are eliminated.

You are not allowed to communicate with anyone outside of the game thread.

[edit] Variation

Vengeful Townie - This player can choose who he wishes to kill upon his death. This ability is most often activated only if the player is lynched, though it is not unheard of for the Vengeful Townie to have the ability to kill a player if he is killed at night. In this case, the target can either be, again, chosen by the player, or automatically target a player of the mod's choosing (usually the killer).

[edit] Tips

A good play for the bomb is usually to keep quiet about their role. Roleblockers can stop the bomb's effect from becoming active, and these roles (roleblockers) are prevalent, particularly among the mafioso.

Furthermore, it is advisable that a bomb does not defend themselves from a lynch by claiming bomb, unless for some reason the claim is infallible. It is a common scum tactic to claim to be a bomb in order to scare the Town into not voting for the player, as the last to vote would be killed. Subtle hints can, however, be used effectively.

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