Cult Leader

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Cult Leader
Alignment Cult
Phase Night
Type Recruitment

The cult leader, often called the cult recruiter, is the founding member of a cult, who has the job of recruiting new members. They cannot recruit certain people, including the mafia, and sometimes if they try to recruit a mafia member, they are killed but that is a variable decided by the moderator. If the leader is killed or lynched, the group can no longer recruit unless there is a secondary leader. The cult leader can communicate with members of their cult outside of the thread and win when their cult outnumbers the rest of the players. To recruit, the leader sends the name of the person they wish to recruit to the moderator. They find out if it was successful at the end of the night phase and the new member either joins immediately or at the end of the next night phase, at the moderator’s discretion.

[edit] Tips

Recruiting every night isn't always wise for a cult leader, especially if they can die when targeting mafia. Even if they don't the chances of targeting roles like a PGO can happen, it's best to choose your targets wisely.

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