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Day Phase is a term used in The Mafia Game that refers to the point in the game where the town works together to Lynch the members of the mafia, or other dangerous third-party alignments such as the Cult. Although most abilities are used solely during the Night Phase, some roles such as the Multivoter and Day Vigilante have abilities that are used during the day. Also, some role abilities, such as that of the Silencer will take effect during the day.

During the Day Phase players may converse with each other and discuss the possibilities of the game dependent on the theme, if one is present. More often then not, a noticeable and easily researchable theme will be present. Also during the Day Phase, players may take the opportunity to dissect the Write-up from the previous night and begin taking mental notes and creating suspicions.

Eventually the players may start voting and once a majority is reached the player who has the majority will be lynched and a write-up will most likely be given. However, there are roles and game rules that may effect the lynch. Also, most games do not require a lynch to be achieved. The mafia may take advantage of this and cause a No-lynch, or in a worse case, a Mislynch.

If the game is early and many players still remain, the town might take a risk and begin a Random Lynch to draw information out of the target, or if the phase if almost over, avoid a no-lynch. Sometimes no lynch at all can be worse then a mislynch, but the reverse may also be true depending on the situation.

Some lynches may also cause an ability to be activated, such as the ability of the Lynch-bomb. Some abilities may be activated causing the day phase to have no lynch whether it be an affect from the previous night phase or from a Day-kill.

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