Vortex Cannon

Vortex Cannon in Action.

Basic Information

The Vortex Cannon allows the user to catch enemy fire, grenades, and even rockets from the smaw by holding down the B button using a frontal shield. After carrying too much, everything will pass through the shield (There is an upgrade to prevent this), you can fire everything back at the enemy by releasing B. This is it's charge function and main feature. If you simply press B it will fire slow moving balls of energy that do small amounts of damage. "Vortex Cannon" is actually not the real name of this weapon, this is what it was going to be named. Real name: AEGIS Device


Normal Fire Damage: Small

Reflect Damage: Varies on what is caught in the shield

Ammo in gun: Unlimited

Ammo in clip: None

Reload time: None

Still Accuracy: Good

Movement Accuracy: Decent

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